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    Second monitior


      I currently have a single monitor,Dell Ultrasharp 2209WA, 22 inch IPS-P, 1680 x 1050 resolution. I like this monitor a lot for photo editing but need more space for video.


      Options as I see it are as follows:

      1. Newer model Dell 22 inch with higher resolution.

      2. Newer model Dell 24 inch with higher resolution.

      3. Large non IPS panel with color critical work being conducted on original monitor. Large IPS are beyond my budget.



      1. Is it good to have both monitors the same size?

      2. Do I need to run both monitors at the same resolution (defined by lower resolution of old original monitor)

      3. What are popular workspace layouts with Premiere Pro and two monitors.


      Thanks, Owen

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          1. Esthetically, yes

          2. No, but if you have solution 1, then yes.

          3. Dual 23+".


          A single large non IPS is not a solution if you need more real estate. A decent small (20") or large (32+") monitor still have about the same pixel dimensions, say 1920 x 1080, so they have the same real estate in terms of pixel dimensions.

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            mtnski Level 1

            Thanks Harm


            How do you have the workspace configured? Preview filling one monitor and everything else on the other? Timeline across both monitors?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Timeline across monitors.

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                zikade Level 2

                I do prefer to have most if not all of my project on my primary 24", while anything else (script, notes, mails - whatever) is displayed on a smaller display. But for preview I do have a dedicated preview display connected to my Decklink card, for proper color and so on.

                Depending on the resolution you are working most with, I'd get one display with that resolution (well, anything beyond 2K might be a bit expensive, but I work for TV so HD was it for me).