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    How has your experience been with Premiere Elements?


      Hi all,


      I'm an avid still photographer, and have worked with images for 40-50 years.  I use a Mac and enjoy using (and learning more about) Photoshop Elements.  I need to get more into video.  Years ago, I used Pinnacle software and some Sony software.  I found them clunky but workable.  I now have iMovie on my Mac, and it's acceptable, but it fails miserably when trying to create customizable DVDs.  (iDVD is just too constrained and doesn't let me do simple things that I want to do, like create a DVD with chapters, but allow the DVD to "Play All."  In iDVD, there is no way to Play All!  My 86-year-old mother-in-law isn't going to want to continually flip through all the menus . . .)


      So . . . .I'm thinking of looking at Premiere Elements.  I know that I looked at it about 6-8 years ago, but I found it too complicated for my own good.  Can users (especially noobs who are basically working with family home movies -- nothing too artsy-fartsy) tell me about their initial experiences and their learning curves?  The compexity of video software has kept me from taking enough video of my family -- and I'm not a technophobe!


      Any and all comments, advice, and impressions will be much appreciated.  Thank you!!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It all depends on your workflow, your source video and what you're trying to accomplish. I'd recommend you download the free trial and give it a test drive. Why let others' opinions determine whether you'll like a product or not?


          Meantime, if you want a walk-through of the basics, you can check out my free Basic Training tutorials.



          You can also find walk-throughs of some of the new features in version 10 here:



          But opinions of the software vary wildly. Only you can say if it's a product for what you plan to do with it.

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            Nash_John Level 3

            Hi Mark


            As Steve said, you should first go through the Basic Training, once you have felt the know-how of the software, Premiere Elements is quite easy and fun to learn.

            You should try out the Trial Version.


            Customizable DVD's can easily be created.

            And for you being a photographer, it has also got some nice V4P(video for photographer) features like PnZ(Pan and Zoom) tool in version 10.


            If you need any help understanding any feature, or any other kind of help regarding PrE you can always reach out this forum.


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              PekMark Level 1

              Thank you.  Yes, indeed, I've downloaded the trial and I'm starting to work with it.  I really like Photoshop Elements, so I definitely hope to get to like Premiere Elements.  Thanks for the boost!

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                I second what Steve says.  I wish I had downloaded it first.  Though having had a great experience with premiere pro and other adobe products before, I thought it would be as good but with less features. 


                I was wrong, it is amazing, and much better than I thought, many more features, than I could have hoped for.  However, there are some issues with Premiere Elements 10, and reading these forums, I am beginning to find out that I am not the only one facing them. 


                Since these issues could be system related (my troubleshooting is ongoing, notice I am willing to put up with the issues for the time being, that should tell you how much I like it)  So I also suggest to download it, try it on your computer, play with it, make a few videos, and you will know. If you face problems, the forum people are here to help you out.


                Hope that helped!