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    Initializing Process


      When opening AE C5.5, it goes through the initializing process of loading the necessary files to run the program.  I am noticing it is taking a long time to start the program.  When it indicates Initiaitzing MediaCore (See below).  It takes a while for that particular stage to complete.


      App 1.jpg



      May guess is it is looking for media players compatible with AE C5.5 to render certain effects in during preview s(just a guess)That that process is completed, I get this warning:


      WARNING: QuickTime is not installed on this system. Some components will not work properly.


      App 2.jpg


      QuckTime is installed on my computer.  For some reason, AE is not reading (recognizing) QuicTime.  I even uninstalled QuickTime and re-installed it just in case.


      Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.