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    Tweener not working

    paulpsd7 Level 1
      I'm trying to import the Tweener class and apply it in the most simple fashion, just to see if it will work. Here what I've done:

      I download the AS2 version of Tweener, since I'm working in Flash 8. I unzipped it, and put the "caurina" directory inside a directory "classes" which sits next to my FLA.

      In the FLA, I go to Publish Settings --> ActionScript 2.0 Settings, and set the class path as this: classes

      On frame 1, I've got this command:
      import caurina.transitions.Tweener;

      On frame 5, I've got this command:
      fadeButton.onRelease = function () {
      Tweener.addTween(this.mymc, {_alpha:0, time:1, transition:"linear"});
      trace ("fading");
      stop ();

      On the stage (on a different layer), I've got 2 objects: a button (called fadeButton) and a black box saved as a Movie Clip, with instance name "mymc".

      Based on all this, I would expect to click the Fader button, and see the black box fade out over 1 second. But nothing happens at all.

      I believe my problem is with the class path or the import command. I've never used either one of those before. Any ideas?