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    indesign CS5 add attribute to _self link button?


      I created a presentation in InDesign CS5 version 7.0 with video, images and a button that I exported to swf files. The link works, but the button not it open in the same window as the SWF plays.



      So, how do I add the _self attribute to the button link?


      I tried to open the file. fla professional flash but does not work ..
      I do not know the use of software

      decompile the swf Actionscript 3.0 the link string is:

      <URL F="1" t="HLnk1" e="u" u="http://www.edilmglatiano.it/home.html"/> <f URL = "1" t = "Btn1016" and = "d" u = "http://www.edilmglatiano.it/home.html" /> <PlaySeq f="1" id="PI182_Seq_1" e="pl"/> </ Actions>

      how can I modify it by adding the attribute _self?


      the link of the site is