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    a problem using importFileInto

    ribarra1 Level 1

      Hi, I'm trying to import a flash file (swf extension) for a Director project (MX 2004) but when it is within the "cast" sometimes appears with the original extension ("width." 595, "height" 842) and others with 320x240 (in particular it always).

      I have checked the dimensions of flash file with the "Sothink SWF" and are the first measurements (595x842) and not (320x240).


      I am using the command "importFileInto" and the statement is as follows:
      "member(i 5).importFileInto(the moviePath & "Informacion\" & carpeta & "\" & 6 & "\" & gImagenes)"

      When I press a button, the image is imported into the cast. So far no problem, but after this i wonder if the image than I have imported is in oblong format or not (asking for the width and height) and placed it depending on it one way or another on the Stage.

      Of course, as sometimes appears with the original width and height (first time) and from this, with the width backwards, I draw the image incorrectly.

      I created a project with the essentials so that there is nothing to interfere, but I always happens the same (the first time you press the button works with the original width and height, and from that time works the wrong way). It should be a Swf format problem because if I change this flash file for a Jpg image the measures of width and height will be imported correctly.


      Can you think of a solution?
      Thank you very much.