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    Module status on LMS is showing as incomplete - even after the user has completed the module.

    Alex Nishant

      Hi Folks,


      Hope you are all keeping well! I have a bit of a problem here. On a number of modules that were developed using presenter - and custom animation (including click next to continue) etc etc, the LMS is not showing the module status as complete - even AFTER the user had comleted the module and closed. This problem has been noticed only when the user uses the CLICK NEXT or click this part of the screen to continue.


      When the user navigates using the presenter control buttons - to navigate the training content that is, the LMS is correctly showing as the module has been completed.


      The problem I am having is that - is there any way to make presenter detect a click within a slide (user click to navigate from within a slide) and thereby register it as a valid module completion?


      Thanks in advance folks,


      Kind Regards,