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    Using a var declared in a function outside that function


      Hey, i am trying to do something i thought wouldn't be difficult, but looks like i'm wrong.

      So this is a function that runs from the start (creationcomplete). Inside i declare a var txt (which is a string)




      public function sendString(Event:FlexEvent):void


      txt = "Voorbeeld van een band";




      I want to call that var outside of the function. So I make it bindable. it's also the reason why i call teh var just by "txt" in the functions above.




      public var resultName:String;



      Now, in this label i call the var txt. However, the label stays empty. Though I don't get any errors.




      <s:Label x="20" y="69" fontSize="16" text="{txt}"/>



      Can anyone help me fix this? I figure it should be rather easy, but still.

      Also, If i call the function from a mouseclick, will i get an error then since the label asks for a var that doesn't exist yet?


      Many thanks!