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    Premiere Elements 8 Will Not Start



      Premiere Elements 8 on a Windows 7 PC.  Opening splash screen comes up, bar at the bottom of the splash screen says "gathering user information" and the black/purple bar moves along.... and that's as far as it gets.

      Well, OK Organizer starts.  If you hit the big buttons to start a new project or open an existing project it looks like it might work - the black and purple bar moves (while the above is still going on) for a few seconds, then just stops without launching anything.

      Tried removing and re-installing the program which did not help.  Installed the update which did not help.

      Useles piece of software right now.  Any ideas as to whether it can be fixed?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          When one starts PrE for the first time, it takes some time to gather all of the information for the Organizer. I would launch, and leave it for an hour, or so.


          If that does not help, see this ARTICLE on crashes/hanges of PrE.


          Good luck,



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            tlhenderson1 Level 1

            I should have mentioned I thought about that and left it go for a couple of hours but no joy.  I will check out the article.

            Thanks for the reply.



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              tlhenderson1 Level 1

              Hello Bill,

              I am sorry to report the news is not good.  I left that opening screen run overnight and in the morning nothing had changed.

              I then went to that article. 

              Windows is up to date. 

              QuickTime was not installed on the computer.  I was hoping this was the answer.  I installed QuickTime, rebooted and although the opening screen continued its perpetual gathering user info, Premiere Elements started.  Once.  After that, same story.  If I re-boot the computer, then Elements will run.

              Graphics and sound drivers are up to date.

              Article seems to be written for Premiere Elements 9.  I have 8 so the line about the 9.0.1 upgrade probably does not apply to me.  In Elements, the "about" screen says version 8.0.  When I hit the update button, it says Elements is up to date.

              There is no BadDrivers.txt file on the computer - most likely because I have version 8, not 9.

              Ran disk cleanup, defraged the hard drive - no joy.

              Rebooting works (to start Elements - no change with the opening screen which continues to gather user info), but I don't want to have to reboot every time I want to use Elements.

              Temporarily disabling anti-virus realtime scanning (Norton) makes no difference - don't like to do that.

              Removed and re-installed but no joy.


              Thank you for trying to help, but I think I am going to put this one in the bad buying decision category, get rid of it and try another product.   



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                nealeh Level 5

                tlhenderson1 wrote:


                Graphics and sound drivers are up to date.


                Did you check those by looking at the manufacturers web sites? Sometimes people (wrongly) assume that Windows Update is checking their drivers for them.


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