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    JPEG Files in Premiere Getting Mixed Up Within a Project

    David Johnson99

      JPEG files loaded into my project are getting mixed up.  It's like Premiere can't tell the loaded files apart. That is, I load several JPEGs in to the project, each with a different file name, put them onto the Timeline, and, later, when I click on the file name in the Project panel, several of the different files display the same image of one of the JPEGs in the Poster Frame, the Source Frame, and in the Project Sequence.   The file names remain listed in the Project panel continue to show the correct file name, but several show the same image when selected. 


      I assumed something happened when the files were Imported and were now confused in the project.  To try to fix this, I Cleared all of the bad files off the Timeline and out of the Project panel.  Changed the source file names in Windows Explorer (i.e., added an "a" to the file name) and re-Imported the files into Premiere.  It seemed to work, but a little while later, some of the same files, plus some newly Imported files, all turned to the same image again.  I again repeated the Clearing process for the bad files, changed the source file names once again in Windows Explorer, changed the Folder name in Explorer, and again re-Imported the files into Premiere.  Again, after a while several of the files all had changed to the same image on the Timeline, the Poster Frame, and the Source Frame.


      It's like the program has somehow mixed these files up and, whatever caused the mix up, remains persistent even with files that have been renamed.


      This happens to approximately 20 JPEGs out of perhaps 70 JPEGs in the Project.  It has not happened on any previous projects.


      I can't tell if my Premiere (5.0.3) has become corrupted somehow or if this error is limited to this one Project.  Is there a way I can transfer my work into a new project (I really don't want to have to start completely over).


      I'm fairly desperate.  Thanks!