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    How can I make a folder structure for both PSE and Premiere Elements?


      I have recently bought bundled PSE 10 and Prem Elements 10 ... (but have been using PSE6 for years)


      I have lots of jpeg photos on an external drive in folders with a heirarchical structure eg. Pictures ... Friends ... 2011 ... 2011_12_02_Margate_seagulls.jpg  I also have loads of photos that are simply there waiting to be sorted and are in their native format e.g PIC_6120.jpg     Additionally I have .MOV files dumped from my JVC standard def camera some of which are custom named, others are left as is.  I now own a hi-def lumix which takes great jpgs and also video MTS files. After lots of searching on the net for the best way to get all this organised I am at a standstill. I feel that I need an external folder system (ie one that does not rely 100% on adobe and its categotries and tags) because I have had catastropic losses when using earlier photoshop progs. I also see the benefit of using tags. So...


      Is there a simple (and best) way to order my photos and hi-def video while taking into account content I already have shot/videod?  I am happy to hear reasons and see examples why I should trust PSE/Prem E - but I would also like to see if it makes sense to use folders. Ideally i would love a practical folder structuring method that incorporates both video and still content. I have posted here because it is important I organise my video better and have a flexible system that allows for drafts and reworking my Hi-def content.


      I have tried to find the info but it is so piecemeal and I have faith in the people on here ... Any links and advice would be much appreciated

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          nealeh Level 5

          In generic terms there are three methods of filing just about anything:


          • Structured by event
          • Structured by type
          • Unstructured


          • Event might be occasion or date or a specific project. For this type of structure you would store all your assets related to that event, regardless of whether it is still, image or audio, in one place.
          • Type would typically be by the type of asset. All your videos in one place, stills in another, audio in another  etc... In business for example in the eighties (when personal computing became prevalent in the workplace) staff would religiously have all their word processor documents in one place, spreadsheets in another, powerpoints in yet another etc.... Dreadfully inefficient.
          • Unstructured would be a case of storing things wherever you liked and accessing them via tags or albums - but you've said you want to avoid this.


          Personally I let the application store things according to the defaults for the different import types but then tag them. Essentially I follow the 'unstructured' style. For anything major I create a project directory and move all the project assets into it (i.e. selective structure by event).


          If you search the Tips & Tricks forum I think Bill Hunt (who does this stuff for a living) describes his structured folder flow in great detail.


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            alwest65 Level 1

            Thanks Neale


            That's just the info I needed. I will look to see if I can add my photoshop folders into some structure too  - here's a link to Bill's set up:




            If anyone wants to add anything further feel free