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    relative versus absolute hyperlinks

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      I come from the InDesign forum. I have a large document of many grnats - I need to create a ToC at teh front of teh documetn that links ot each  grant. These lsiitngs need to be grouped by various groupings, regions, industry, alphaetical, etcThis whole package needs to move form my machine to  others. InDesign cannot handle relative links and due to other shortcomings, I cannot  create teh ToC solely within inDesign. My workaround is to create a pdf document  that is the ToC that is  hyperlinked to a pdf of each individual grant. However, the links to the  actual documents are absolute - they contain the whole path name. When I try to move  this to another machine - or burn to a CD [the whole point of this exercise] the links fail because they are hard-coded to my  path on my local machine.


      I have discovered that I can take the  tagged text file from InDesign and manipulate it within Word, create a pdf from Word  and the links will work  even when I change  locations. This is due  to the fact that in  the pdf file - even though the  no longer valid  file path shows up when I mouseover on the link in the  pdf file, it will go to the inidvidual file as long as  the  PDF file is in the same directory. What happens is, that when it cannot find the file, it looks in the current directory  - and voila it is there. This is all very complicated.   I am thinking there must be a better way. ! I can't believe that I am the only one who has ever wanted to created a ToC that is hyperlinked to actual files and that the whole package  must be moved from one machine to another.


      Is there not a way to change the absolute links to relative ones, a script?


      Any help is greatly appreciated!


      Annpdf screenshot.JPG.