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    using GREP styles for changing characters and colors


      Hello everybody,


      I have a question regarding GREP styles. I wish to change each letter of an alphabet in text to a square in a different color. For example: every 'a' in the text change to a yellow ■. I thought GREP styles would be perfect for it so I went to find/change, typed in my requests and InDesign told me it has found no 'a' in my text, which isn't possible. How do I fix it? And the other thing- is it possible to change the color of ■ ? Because i couldn't find the option.

      Please excuse me my incompetence, I am a new user of InDesign.

      Thanks in advance for your help! : )

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          First off, it sounds like you want to use find/change with GREP, which is fine, rather than a GREP style, which is part of a paragraph style definition and cannot change the text in any way other than apply a character style to the found string, so would not help here.


          The not finding the text makes me think you've limited the search parameters in some way, either by limiting the scope to a selection, or by including a style or format requirement in the find options, perhaps.


          In order to do this, I think you are going to need to make use of the "other" category in the change dropdown and select Formatted Contents of Clipboard (which should clue you in that you need to make one of your colored squares and copy it to the clipboard before you run Find/Change). You can do this with either a plain text query or a GREP query, and there is no advantage to GREP in this case unless you want to match several different things and apply the same clipboard content to any of them.


          You'll need to run a separate find/change for each colored square. It might be possible to script a chain so it runs in a single operation, but that would also require swapping the colored sqaures on the clipboard which complicates things in this case. You might want to ask over in scripting: InDesign Scripting