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    Problem exporting to epub using XML tags for structure

    Amanda A. Morgan Level 1

      Hi, I have an InDesign document with XML tags and I would like to export it to EPUB format using the "Ordering: Same as XML Structure" option. But every time I try this, InDesign crashes. If I use "Ordering: Based on Page Layout," it goes through fine. The same crash happens if I try to export to HTML. (But if I export to XML, it goes through fine.)


      Does anybody know what could be causing this?


      If it makes a difference, I tagged it using the Tags/Structure panels and not the Articles panel. It has one long text element, with lots of h1, h2, h3, and p  within it, and about half a dozen photos. I dragged the photo tags to the appropriate place within the text. It's set for page breaks before each h1. (I don't know if any of that matters, but they're the only details I can think of.)


      I know there are other ways to get the job done (like using anchored objects for the photos), but I really wanted to learn the XML thing. Any clues?


      Many thanks,