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    Masking as a filter


      OK, forgive my newbieness.  I have been out of the video game for some time, and most of the stuff I use to do was very simple edits with the ocasional title effects for wedding videos and school projects.  This was back when a 1GHz Pentium 3 with 1GB of Ram and a Matrox RT2500 was something to be proud of lol.


      Anywho, I recently bought Premiere Pro CS5.5 for my new editing rig, and while playing arround with some simple green screen footage of my son I got to wondering...

      Is there a way to green screen an object (in this case my boy) to put a video behind it (like a normal green screen does), and then mask the rest of the image (figured out how to do that), and then assign a different video feed to that mask?  This is likely something easier to do (and meant to do) in After Effects, but for the sake of argument (which in this case mirrors reality) let us pretend that I know nothing about AE and would rather do it in Premiere if possible.  Not something I would plan on using often (or at all in a real project).  I just think it would be fun to do for some sort of music video for my own amusement (as well as growth in understanding how Adobe works with video).


      Thanks all!

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          I don't understand your question.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            It sounds like you have footage, that was NOT shot on greenscreen, but you wish to knock out the subject, like with greenscreen. If so, then do you have After Effects? If so, see the Rotobrush in AE.


            If I missed what you wish to do, then just ignore my post.


            Good luck,



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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Work on the mask and replacement of footage first.  Then export that out as a new, composited video file.  Import that back into PP and use that composite as your replacement layer in the green screen shot.

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                CaedenVintori Level 1

                bingo! That will do the trick! Dont know why I didnt think of it!


                @Bill, I know it can be done (perhaps easier) in AE, but most of my Adobe collection is the Adobe Video Collection which had Premiere Pro 1.5, Photoshop CS2, etc.  So my AE is quite old and I have found it to be less than useful in the past.  When I upgraded I could not afford the new Suite, so I just purchased Premiere 5.5 (which thankfully came with Encore woot!), but the old version of AE I have can only do frame-by-frame rotoscoping... which is a bit painful to use for something that is just for fun.


                Thanks all!