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    Keep getting black bars (letterbox) on DV AVI export...can't figure it out - suggestions please?


      I hope someone can help -- have tried every setting and getting quite frustrated. 

      I've on may occassions edited a VOB file in Premiere Elements 3 and then did File>export>movie> to get a DV AVI file.  Usually the results are fine.

      This time I'm using a PAL widescreen DVD, so I've adjusted the settings to PAL and widescreen, but for some reason I'm getting a very distorted letterboxed result.  However, if I export to MPEG, it comes out perfectly.


      I have no idea if this is the best approach, but how I've always done it without problems.  I'm basically trying to get an avi file so I can then convert it in Quicktime Pro to a quicktime file for uploading to my website as QT (and as a flash video using the QT source).   The only reason I don't export directly to QT is I always find the outcome really bad converted through PEL vs. in QT.


      If anyone has any suggestions why I'm getting my AVI file letterboxed, please let me know.  Thanks for any suggestions!