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    Import flv options - to link to a server doesnt work?

    saraysounds Level 1

      Hi I have never added a flash video to a website before and i decided to add one because i wanted to create a thumbnail image that is clickable and plays video


      I have done this in flash succesffully when the flv file is linked to my local hard drive

      I have tested this on the site and it doesnt work - i knew that i would have to import the flv file into flash again to link it to the server address but it doesnt work.  The flv is on the server because when i directly type in the address on the url bar i can play and download the video.  Ive looked over the net for hours and i can't seem to figure out what im doing wrong -


      here is the page (left hand side)  where the videos dont work - http://www.juanajimenezflamenco.co.uk/videos.html


      this is the html mark up






      If any one could suggest something or point me in the right direction, id be really grateful, thanks