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    Random errors on Flash Builder 4.5.1 mobile project: FXG elements


      I'm kind of frustrated because Flash Builder is starting to report random errors on some mxml components that include FXGs. It's reporting the following errors:


      1. 'MyFXG' declaration must be contained within the <Declarations> tag, since it is not assignable to the default

      property's element type 'mx.core.IVisualElement'.

      2. In initializer for 'mxmlContent', type es.domain.application.skin.assets.fxg.MyFXG is not assignable to target Array

      element type mx.core.IVisualElement.


      Code example:

      <s:Group height="100%"

                   left="10" right="10" top="40" bottom="10">

              <fxg:MyFXG width="100%" height="{content.height+20}"/>



      The curious thing (and frustrated one): these fxgs are included on others components and are working fine. There's no problem with the FXG themselves. If I comment all lines where I get an error, my project starts to compile fine (remember that I got included those very same fxgs in other components in the same project).


      Even more curious: if I uncomment those lines my project continues to compile fine! But If I make a clean, It starts to complain again on the very same lines and fxgs.


      It is driving me crazy!


      Anyone could give me a clue? Has anybody experienced something like this?


      Thanks in advance.