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    Error creating mobile application with dreamweaver cs5.5


      I was just looking at the mobile phone application tools in Dreamweaver CS5.5.


      I have a new mac, downloaded and installed Dreamweaver CS5.5, installed an update for it, then installed iOS Xcode, and within Dreamweaver attempted to install the Android SDK  (this failed using the easy install, so I had to install it manually.


      I then followed the tutorial here http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/packaging-web-applications-as-mobile-apps .html


      but when I try to package the app, I get the same error every time.


      The log produces a lot of information, but I think this is the part that shows the error



      /Users/Pat/Documents/DW_NAF/PhoneGapLib/build/PhoneGapLib.build/Debug-iphonesimulator/Phone GapLib.build/Objects-normal/i386/Camera.d -c /Users/Pat/Documents/DW_NAF/PhoneGapLib/Classes/Camera.m -o /Users/Pat/Documents/DW_NAF/PhoneGapLib/build/PhoneGapLib.build/Debug-iphonesimulator/Pho neGapLib.build/Objects-normal/i386/Camera.o

      /Users/Pat/Documents/DW_NAF/PhoneGapLib/Classes/Camera.m:178:13: error: type of property 'returnType' ('unsigned int') does not match type of ivar 'returnType' ('enum DestinationType') [3]  @synthesize returnType;


      /Users/Pat/Documents/DW_NAF/PhoneGapLib/Classes/Camera.h:25:23: note: ivar is declared here [3]

               enum DestinationType returnType;


      1 error generated.



      operation completed

            emptySelectCount =  9

            readCount = 310


      I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask for help, so please forgive me if it is the wrong place.


      Any suggestion would really be appreciated.


      many thanks



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          I have the idential experience.  Purchased Dreamweaver 5.5 this week, installed iOS and Android SDKs, followed Adobe tutorials and then discovered things didn't work.

          I was able to get the Android emulator to work by modifying the ant script of the android sdk using the following hack: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3997853

          Still looking for a workaround for iOS project emulation.

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            AllDayDev Adobe Employee

            Try the workaround posted by "london1a1" here:



            The camera.h file mentioned is stored in /Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5/Configuration/NativeAppFramework/DWPhoneGap/iphone/PhoneGapLib/Classes/.

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                  The workaround you linked to does not help in any way

              I still get a failed to build application error every time even if I try to build the basic phone gap examples from

              adaobe's official tutorials.

                Has anyone at adobe development even tried to build phone gap app tutorial recenty using osx lion, ios5 and xcode4+ ?. The process is broken !!!. Have you built the basic sample project recently?  Did it work for you. Can you show us an updated tutorial showing a successful ios build?  A lot of questions regarding this same problem has gone unanswered for months on these forums.

                 Please give us official word from ADOBE dreamweaver development regarding eta for a proper fix to this issue. No pointing us to other users possible fixes. You guys developed the application and should be responsible for coming up with proper 'official' solutions to user problems.



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                azath123 Level 1

                I gave up after looking around for and answer for about 2 hours and don't regret it.  The phonegap website's instructions for how to copy a project into Eclipse for Android or XCode for iPhone were really easy and took less time than the 2 hours of unsuccessfully messing around with Dreamweaver.  While I'm sure it'll be a nice feature if and when Adobe patches to catch up with the various SDKs, it doesn't really do much you can't do yourself manually.

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                  NeoScrawl Level 1

                  Thanks for the heads up.

                  I'll look on the phonegap site and see if I can use that solution for now until we get some official fix from adobe

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                    For the kind of money that Adobe charges, my expectation is that the Adobe software should be of the highest caliber. Wish I had known. I would not have  saved for months in order to buy 5.5. I bought Dreamweaver specifically for the mobile piece. I'm disappointed to say the least. I think there is something VERY wrong when users have to supply the fixes and/or search for days or months for help. This is inexcuseable from a software company as well known as Adobe. When I purchase a product that is this costly, I just expect it to work.


                    Currently, thanks to a fellow Dreamweaver user, I managed to get the Adroid sdk and emulator working early this morning. This after days of searching and thinking that I must be doing something wrong. It had to be me. It couldn't be Adobe.


                    Come on, having to tweek an internal xml file in order to get the Android emulator to work from Dreamweaver? How many of us could find this fix ourselves?


                    Xcode is still in limbo giving me the error messages mentioned in this thread. Now it appears that we as users are expected to go in and tweek .h camera files in hopes the fix will work? This is ridiculous. Where is the adobe support and updates to deal with all of this? Seems a little like false advertising to say that mobile apps with compile to code. Steamed? You bet.

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                      Thanks Carey,

                      The fix (modification of camera.h from Dec 7, 2011) worked for me.

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                        Thanks Carey for the information. It worked for me, too.