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    No audio on Quicktimes after DV capture


      First post and I'm a Premiere newbie. I am a seasoned editor however, with years of experience with smoke, avid and FCP so not entirely clueless. Here's the skinny- I have recently been crash coursing on Prem 5.5 and decided to capture a bunch of home movies off my old Canon ZR10 via fire wire. Everything seemed to be going smoothly clips were playing back in source monitor as well as in timeline. I then took the qt's captured and threw them on a drive to play for family members on imac in kitchen. None of the quicktimes would play down the audio. QTs inspector shows the audio files have the Little Endian vers 2 codec, something I've never had an issue with quicktime playing. I went back into premier and sure enough the files play within the application no problem. Went back to capture mode and could not find any setting to change the audio codec to some other flavor. I finally exported my clips out of premier using AAC and then finally Quicktime was able to open and play audio no problem.  Any suggestions out there? Really, don't want to cave and go back to FCP but this shouldn't be that complicated.


      On a side note- one rather annoying thing I found was when I exported my clips Premier does not provide a file browser to select where your exporting to. I've noticed this in other places as well, like saving hot key set-ups. Am I missing something here?