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    Premiere stops when adding timeline


      First off, I've got an Asus G74S with an Intel Core i7 processor running at about 2.0 GHz. I've got an Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M graphics card, Windows 7 64-bit operating system. 12 Gigs of RAM, and I just recently installed DIVX codecs.


      I installed Premiere pro CS5.5 and it went on without a hitch. Shortly after installation, I opened up the program, and loaded one of the previous projects I'd been working on (I'd had Premiere CS4 on another computer, which doesn't seem to want to install on this) and I got the "Pemiere Pro CS5.5 has stopped working and Windows is trying to find a solution" message. So then, I'm thinking "I wonder if I started a new one". The program started up the user interface perfectly fine after I set the timeline settings. It was when I double-clicked the timeline to start working in it when I got the message again.


      If you need more info or computer specs, please let me know (btw, the display settings are 1920x1080)


      Thanks for your time