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    <s:AnimateColor  happens instantly when using graphic

    nikos101 Level 2

      I'm trying to animate the color of the gradient using this, but the color change happens instantly. Any ideas?



      <s:Transition  fromState="up" toState="over" autoReverse="true" >

      <s:AnimateColor  targets="{[symbol]}"  duration="250" />

      <s:Transition  fromState="over" toState="up" autoReverse="true" >

      <s:AnimateColor targets="{[symbol]}" duration="750" />

      <s:Transition  fromState="over" toState="down" autoReverse="true" >

      <s:Animate duration="150" targets="{[ dsfSymbol]}" >
      <s:SimpleMotionPath  property="strength" />

      <s:Transition  fromState="down" toState="*" autoReverse="true" >

      <s:Animate duration="150" targets="{[ dsfSymbol]}" >
      <s:SimpleMotionPath property="strength"  />





      <s:Graphic id="symbol"

               width="30" height="15" version="2.0"  horizontalCenter="0" verticalCenter="0"



                  <s:DropShadowFilter id="dsfSymbol" blurX="0" blurY="0" distance="1"  strength="1" strength.down="0"/>


              <s:Path data="M5,0 L25,0 25,7 30,7 15,20 0,7 5,7Z ">


                      <s:LinearGradient  rotation="45">

                          <s:GradientEntry color="#ff3f66" color.overStates="#0fff66" ratio="0.3"/>

                          <s:GradientEntry color="#ffff4A" color.overStates="#ffff00"/>