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    Duplicate timecodes from sequence onto new clip


      I have the same long interview footage in HDV and Cineform (initially I was trying to edit the Cineform in CS3, now using CS5.5)


      I have made lots of edits, transitions etc with the Cineform footage that I am happy with but I have realised that my sequence settings are not correct and the footage appears to look better when encoded direct from the original HDV


      Is there a way I can keep the current edits but apply them to the HDV clip rather than the Cineform one in a new sequence: i.e. use the timecodes from the cineform footage to edit the HDV footage automatically (clearly the timecodes for the two versions are identical)


      Thanks for the help



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          I think your best bet would be to make a new sequence, have both sequences in the timeline, and then copy and paste the footage from the Cineform sequence onto the new HDV sequence.


          Call me crazy, but that could possibly work..

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            There is no easy, automated way to do this--essentially, you're talking about a roundabout proxy workflow. Pr isn't the best when it comes to such workflows, unfortunately.


            The simple but tedious way is to drag one of the HDV master clips to the matching Cineform clip in a sequence, hold down Alt+Shift, and drop it on the original Cineform clip; this will do a match frame (using timecode) replace edit.


            You could also replace each Cineform master clip in the bin (one by one, unfortunately); just right-click a Cineform clip in the bin, select Replace Footage, and navigate to the matching HDV clip. This shouldn't be too bad if your Cineform clips all used the original HDV file names; the extensions will, of course, be different.


            You could also hack the project file XML to replace all the Cineform instances--but that can be a bit hairy (though a lot faster). That involves your HDV and Cineform files having the same file names, though. If they don't, either of the above are your best course of action.

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              You can import the HDV version of your footage on to your computer and then delete the Cinemform version from your computer (do not delete the clip from the Premiere project), just delete the file of the computer. Now in Premiere the file that you were working with should have this recycling icon in the project window,  right-click this recycle icon (just the clip that you threw away) in your project window in Premiere and select "Replace Footage" and select your HDV footage... then if you check in your cineform sequence the footage should have been replaced in to all of the cineform clips, with all transitions color correction etc.


              Hope this helps

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