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    Adobe Dynamic Link From AE to PPro, glitch with 32-Bit colors!




      I have recently discovered the Adobe dynamic link function and I wanted to try it out...


      I am working with very high exposed HDR footage+Visual effects in AE and transfered it  from AE to PPro...


      The icon (for the dynamic linked comps) in the project window in PPro looks like a slice from a film with a green square in the corner with arrows on it, which I'm guessing is the signal to know that it is being updated automatically.


      But when I drag the dynamic link comps in to the project I get this strange suppression of the whitest colors, they become yellow and purple... I tried checking out the color value of the colors in AE and saw that the brightest point was something around R:6 G:7 B:5, whilst the highest value if you work in 8-Bit is R:1 G:1 B:1

      This meaning that the colors went above the brightest white...


      Do I have to change any settings in Premiere so that the 32-bit will render properly?

      I have changed the Sequence setting to "Maximum Bit Depth" and also "Maximum Render Quality"...


      What should I do?


      Here is an example of my problem:

      PPRo forum.jpg



      This is what is looks like in AE:

      AE forum.jpg


      PS. I work in Adobe CS5