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    No Audio/Out of Sync Audio When Rendering


      well, I'm totally new to after effects, got it about a month ago with the Production Premium bundle. But now I have a problem. I've been working on this video for a while, and everything was working smooth and perfect without any hitches, that is until I finished and rrendered the video. Under the default .AVI it has no audio, then I clicked the audio check box and the video was completely lagging, skipping peices of audio and video abd then freezing for some time. Then I tried Windows Media file, it was in sync, but the quality was terrible, comparable to 240p, as well as eventually losing all video half way through. Then I tried a Quicktime.mov, all it gave me was audio. Not even black screen for video, it just came up under the audio player. So, then I thought the problem was just after effects, and I tried it with the Media Encoder, but to no avail. Same goes for Premier Pro.


      I'm running my software on an Acer Aspire Laptop, only 2 months old, windows 7, 64-bit, 4 Gigs of RAM (when rendering says at most 72% is used), Intel i5-2430M 2.4Ghz processor, 500Gb harddrive, Turbo Boost up to 3.0GHz, etc etc.

      Filmed with my iPhone 4, mixed in with a music file, plus an animated title comp, and some photoshop and JPEG files. Audio also from the iphone.


      And while we're talking about some audio problems, I tried filming with a Samsung Memory Camcorder or whatever it's called, when I imported it into Premier and After Effects the audio would stop and get out of sync and continue at random points of time. I sort of fixed it by converting the video to .AVI with media encoder, but then the video doesn't fit the project window.

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          zikade Level 2

          What codec did you use for export? - Both QuickTime and AVI are containers, like a bottle. For a short movie we actually used a iPhone for some effect shots. To our surprise, the iPhone does not record with a fixed frame rate, it varies depending on lighting conditions, which introduced a lot of problems in editing.

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            UnavaailablelScreenName Level 1

            You mean the output module? Sorry, but I'm still pretty new to a lot of the tech terms. But my render settings were: "Render Settings: Best Settings (and tried Current Setitngs) Output Module: I tried Lossless, RAM Preview, Windows Media, WAV, Quicktime, and MPEG2-DVD.


            As for the video, it wasn't really a short film, but more of a vlog. I had my phone set up on a stable tripod, unmoving, with two lamps pointed at me while I talked.

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              zikade Level 2

              Well, now it gets a bit complicated, sorry. The output module has some standard settings, not neccesesarily those you need. So, your first or second try was probably "Lossless", all bright and shiny, but your computer weren't able to play it back.

              Since you are on Windows you might want to try Windows Media again, but this time tweak the settings a bit, you can do that by clicking directly on them in the render queue. Go for a higher bitrate (try 5000 kBit/s) and adjust your output resolution.

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                UnavaailablelScreenName Level 1

                I tried that, the video looks good but the audio still sounds crappy. I tweaked the audio seetings to 10kbps, 11.025KHz, which was the highest setting. In addition to all that it repeats the first 15 seconds of audio before continuing on with the rest, knocking everything way out of sync.


                **correction: 10kbps is the top setting, not the best. 20kbps is best, and I'm trying it now


                great news! I fiddled with the audio settings, and came across the Windows Media Audio 10 codec. long story short, everything's in sync, audio quality is beautiful, etc etc.


                Thank you so much, you are a god among men. I hope when you get your mail monday morning you find a $100 bill on the sidewalk.

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                  UnavaailablelScreenName Level 1

                  For anyone else who has a similar problem, my settings were;


                  for Video:

                       Codec: Windows Media 9 Advanced Profile

                       Bitrate Mode: Constant

                       Maximum Bitrate [kbps]: 5000

                       Image Quality: 100

                       Keyframe Interval: 5 seconds

                       Buffer Size: 1 second

                  for Audio:

                       Bitrate Mode: Constant

                       Codec: Windows Media Audio 10 Professional

                       Audio Format: 32kbps, 32kHz, 2 channel 16-bit CBR


                  Once again, many thanks to Zikade