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    Another "Fit text frame to content" issue

    winterm Level 5


      Working on WinXP, CS5.5

      Everyone knows, you can drag the text frame to fit the text or you can simply double click the white anchor point at the bottom or corner of the frame. InDesign will automatically adjust the frame to fit the text.

      Well, I have a lot of text frames (separate stories) with only one word in them, let's say, "DISCOUNT". It fits the frame exactly. If I increase font size (let's say, adjusting style), I get lot of "empty" text frames because it's contents cannot fit inside.

      The Big Problem is that frame needs to be wider, so Ctrl+Alt+C command won't work, neither my script that does similar job (it looks for text frames and applies menu action item "Fit frame to Content").

      I definitely need totally different solution. Could it be somehow solved with the script?

      Thank you!