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    Is there a 64 bit install for Adobe Reader?




      I want to make a note that I did a search on the form, using the following text

      "Is there a 64 bit install for adobe reader?"


      And I did not find my answer.  That is why I'm posting this as a question.


      So, with that out of the way....


      I am getting ready to build a new computer for myself, and will be running Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit.  Before I begin, I want to make sure I have all of my software that I want installed, and I am doing research on each program to see if there is a 64 bit version that can be installed.  What I would like to do is have as many as my programs that I install be 64 bit as possible.  I know that not every program will be 64 bit, but I did want to get as many of them as possible to be 64 bit applications.


      As I do want a PDF reader on my computer, and I have used Adobe Reader for years, I started looking on the web site to download the current version.  However, I did not see any place that I could download a 64 bit version of Adobe Reader.


      That is why I'm here asking.  Is there a 64 bit version of Adobe Reader that I can download?  If so, where is it on the web site?



      This does lead me to a follow up question.  Is there a 64 bit version of the Flash Player, as well as the Shockwave player?  If so, where can I download them from as well.



      Thanks in advance,


      --Brian Plencner

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