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    PluralEyes and Premiere CS5 problem


      Hey Everyone,

      I'm working on a documentary and recorded on camera and separate audio on the h4n zoom. I haven't recorded non in camera audio much and was so excited to find pluraleyes and I have A LOT of syncing to do. So I've downloaded the trial and tried it on one of our days video and audio. Synced up like a charm. However, I noticed that when I go to modify>audio channels and try to select Mono as Stereo, this function is disabled. I also tried the "fill left" effect to fill my dead channel and it too is disabled. Anybody know what I'm missing? Your help is much appreciated, thanks!

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          You can't remap audio channels after a clip has been used in a sequence, so you won't be able to use that. Fill Left and Fill Right should work, though--so long as your audio channels/tracks are stereo. The Fill effects don't work on mono audio, and since PluralEyes uses and generates FCP XML which (I believe) only supports mono audio, that may be what you have in your sequence.

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            ericparnell Level 1

            Colin my hero. You helped me on the Mercury Playback issue I was having a couple days ago, which is working great now thank you. Hmm you're right I remember hearing that you can't modify after it's already been lined out in sequence. And yes pluraleyes is giving me mono tracks. Any idea how I can get the "fill left" function I need after syncing with pluraleyes?

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Well, you shouldn't have to use it at all. If your audio Master track (that's the one on the bottom) is stereo, regular mono tracks will route through both channels of the stereo master track. Try it, and you'll see--a mono track will cause both output level meters to move equally.


              If the audio is only outputting through one channel, there's probably something going on with panning in the Audio Mixer. Open it up and take a look at the balance knobs for your tracks; they should all be at 12 o'clock (full center), but perhaps they are turned one direction or the other. I suspect you won't have to go this far, though; I think you're probably already set up and ready to go.

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                ericparnell Level 1

                Weird! My target track was panned totally right and the preceding track was panned totally left. Like Pluraleyes anticipated a stereo mix because of the 4 channels. Unfortunately this may mean I'll have individually select each audio clip and pan them center. There's not a way to group pan to center or anything like that that you know of is there? Maybe a setting in Pluraleyes I can adjust so it doesn't do this, I'll be looking into it. Thanks for the help!

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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  There you have it. Again, that's all because FCP and FCP XML only work with mono tracks; splitting a stereo track into two monos and hard panning left and right is roughly equivalent to the stereo source clip.


                  Note that the Audio Mixer only affects tracks, not clips. This means that once you set the panning there, it's that way for the whole track, and every clip will be panned as you specify. So, you should only need to do this for however many tracks are in your sequence, and you should be good to go.

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                    ericparnell Level 1

                    Oh awesome, thanks so much!