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    Can't I use my Scanner with the Elements 10 editor without the organizer??

    Texas Prairie Rose

      I have been using Photoshop Elements for a looong time to help me create the product images I need for my online business. It's been a love-love relationship... until I took advantage of a special offer and bought Elements 10. Now it seems the only way I can scan images is thru the Organizer.... and the organizer is something I don't need.


      Is there a way to scan my images thru the Editor only... and completely bypass the organizer (as I'm able to do with my older version of Elements)? Like a twain plugin I can install or something?


      I may scan 10 images and decide to use only 3 of them... and those are the only ones I save.


      With the way PSE10 is set up using the Organizer to scan, it's saving all 10 of them. Not to mention the extra steps of scanning thru the Organizer... (which means that pop-up window for my scanner every time), back over to the editor to pull the images in for editing, back to my files to delete the ones the organizer saved that I don't want... etc etc etc.
      It's like 5-6 extra steps altogether and a huge time-sink for me (you know the old saying... time is money).


      If there's no way to bypass the Organizer for scanning.... can I get a refund on my purchase? My older version of Elements works beautifully for me...  I was just hoping for  more sophisticated image editing capabilities.


      VERY frustrated right now.