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    Video Distortion when clip is dropped into timeline


      My system: Windows 7 64 bit.

      Intel Core I5-2500k CPU@3.30GHZ (4 CPUs)

      Memory: 8 Gigs RAM


      I am new to using Premiere Elements 10 as this is the first video editing program I have ever worked with however I am very computer literate.


      Problem: I have numerous video clips I shot with my camera. I decided to make a project for the fist time using a bunch of clips I shot from a dog show. All of the clips that I shot were in the same format of AVC HD 24M (FX), 1920x1080 (60i). Most of the clips are a few mintues long but two were shot at max video time of 29 mintues (shot with a camera Sony DSC-HX100V). When I dropped these into the timeline and did the smart trim option the video had lighting issues such as flickering and the black images had static. NOTE: I have been successful in getting these two video clips to come out in great quality after trimming when I did this in a separate project by itself.


      If I view the vidoes in the project are they play perfectly, its just when I drop them into timeline and trim them that I get the lower quality issues. I have about 20 vidoe clips in the timeline that before trimming are about an hour and a half. After trimming the movie is about 30 mintus. Every clip is great except the two that are longer in length.


      Being a new user I am sure I must be doing something wrong. Please help.