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    Adobe AIR gets Hardware ID




      How can I have the Adobe AIR to get the system hardware ID? This is important, so that I can control my apps licensing to install on user PC. Thanks.

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          Yue_Hong Level 1

          Hello? Is it possible to do that? Thanks.

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            drkstr_1 Level 4

            That sounds hugely unreliable.


            I'm unaware of any universal "system hardware id", and I doubt you would ever get such a system to work right on different devices. If you are targeting a specific platform, you could probably use a native extension (AIR 3.0) to get what you need. However, I would probably suggest a different strategy altogether.


            What are you hoping to accomplish with the DRM? There may be a better way to go about this given your specific goals.

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              Jason Woodcock

              I have to agree with drkstr_1, HID based DRM is a bad idea... There are more user friendly, and programmaticly sound alternatives.

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                Yue_Hong Level 1



                Thanks a lot for your response. What I tried to accomplish is for example. If a user buy a license  of my AIR program, when he do the installation, my software will display an interface where he will key-in serial number and activate it online. If no online, he can call and get activation code based on the serial number and the "hardware code" he gaves to me. Next time, if he needs to reinstall on the same PC / device, he can do so by himself (if he kept the activation code). However, he can't bring that software and installed on other PC / devices. It is somehow the DRM that we usually experienced with Microsoft Windows or any other software.


                Is it possible to accomplish that on AIR? Thanks.

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                  drkstr_1 Level 4

                  You would need to use a native extension for that.


                  Personally, i would rather issue some kind of certificate when the software is activated, and require activation if the client isnt correctly signed. This would be more reliable and more secure (IMHO) than an HID based system.

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                    Yue_Hong Level 1

                    Can you please explain how your certificate thing work? How can it prevent user from install it multiple copy on different PC? Is there any example of it? Thanks.

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                      drkstr_1 Level 4

                      This page has some good info as a starting point: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7039905/product-activation-with-public-key-certificate


                      The drawback to this approach is that you need a way to revoke a certificate when a new one is issued (IE. to install on another PC). The Adobe Create Suite solves this by calling home when the program launches. Of course, this would require the user to run the program while connected to the interment at some point (assuming they don't block any traffic to your server all together).


                      There are pros and cons to all methods. You will need to find the one with the golden ratio.