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    error in compile

    amitKumarKanda Level 1



      I have a flash application built in flash cs5 and action script 3.0. When i try to compile it, it returns error.


      , Line 15005: Unknown error optimizing byte code.


      ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable UIProperties_icon is not defined.


      I have converted this to air android application. Now i am getting one of these message every time when i compile or try to make apk file.


      Somebody please suggest a solution for this.



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          dmeN Level 5

          It seems this error is mostly due to large files... which doesn't really fit in with making an Android app. Is your file really large? From what I read you can try deleting aso files (control menu > delete ASO files). Otherwise you can try turning off the optimizer also - publish settings - flash tab - uncheck compress movie.


          You can find out some more on this by Googling 'as3 5005 error'

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            amitKumarKanda Level 1

            Hello Dmenneoh,


            Thanks for your response.

            I have tried with both the options and tried on google but did not any solution for the problem. My fla file is of 2 mb and it is using lots of components.





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              amitKumarKanda Level 1



              Thanks Dmenneoh, I am able to generate the file after following change.


              D:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5\Common\First Run\ActionScript 3.0\jvm.ini file I have set -Xmx128m to -Xmx1024m.


              This compile the file.


              Thanks --- Amit