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    [REQUEST] A simple template-box window


      (this might have been posted in the wrong section of the forum?)




      I'm not very good at Adobe Flash I just realized. I however, do need to have a very simple template chart box. Nothing fancy; just text boxes with a scroll bar that I can use as a template to type in things such as notes and plans. This is the kind of layout I'd like to have for it (made it in Photoshop):




      The "continues" arrows are actually not what I want included in the layout lol. With the "continues" arrows, I mean that I'd like to have about 40 boxes both vertically and horizontally.

      Could someone create a simple flash window with this layout for me? As I said; keep it really simple. No need to put on extra effort!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What you should do is create each subsection as a movieclip conatining the SUBJECT textfield over the content textfield.  Then take 40 of them and lay them side by side inside another movieclip and have the SUBJECT textfeld at the left side in there as well..  Then you can take 40 of those and pile them one atop another.

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            90024 Level 1

            I tried doing that, but the thing is, I am completely challenged when it comes to using Flash. I've tried doing it several times, but it always ends up simply not working, or there's something wrong, or some other problem.


            I know this might be too much to ask for, but could you (or anyone else in this forum) just create this simple window for me and email it to: tengas10@hotmail.com

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I doubt anyone is going to do your work for you.  If you could draw what you did in Photoshop, you can do the same in Flash using textfelds, no special training required.  Just draw one up as a movieclip or graphic symbol and copy/paste it, one after another.


              Just in case you don't realize it though, a Flash file's stage is not likely going to be able to hold 40 rows and columns of whatever sized things you are after, even at the size you show them.

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                90024 Level 1

                Hmm... Some of my colleagues might know how to do this.

                As of now, does anyone know of a similar-looking window that I could just download off the web?