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    Uninstalling Flash and Installing It Again for Regular Users who don't know what MSI, CA,.. is....


      Experts like Mike and Olivier have solved a removal issue by renaming a file.  See below:

      Nov 23, 2011 12:03 PM (in response to MikeJ53LL)

      Re: Cannot uninstall flash player  


      MikeJ53LL is right.


      From this screenshot, we can clearly see that the uninstall is calling FlashUtil64_11_1_0_ActiveX.exe



      However, in this version the file is actually called FlashUtil64_11_1_102_ActiveX.exe


      Modifying the MSI to reflect this file name resolves the issue.


      Adobe, please do thorough testing before releasing!


      But for us regular users. please tell us what to do, A.  B.  C.  etc.  Am running 64 bit Windows 7 and my drivers are up to date, etc. 

      Problem:  I do not have Flash capability although latest version is installed and shows up under Windows , SysWow, Macromedia.  Does not show up in program list.  Have uninstalled, reinstalled, turned Norton off and on, etc. etc. As y'all know, can't do much without the Flash.  Many thanks for simple instructions please.