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    output mxf from premiere 5.5


      Appreciate anyone can help me with some info on how to go adjust settings to encode in CS5.5 AME. Is it possible to export MXF file with these settings in APP 5.5. Thank you!


      Wrapper:                 MXF Operational Pattern 1a

      Video:                   MPEG-2 I-frame only, IMX50 D-10

      Bit Rate:                50 Mbps

      Level:                   Main

      Profile:                 4:2:2

      Resolution:              720 x 608

      Frame Rate:              25fps / 50 Hz

      Aspect Ratio:            16:9 Full Height Anamorphic OR  

      4:3 FF / LB

      Audio:                   Wave file 48 kHz

      Bit Depth:               16-bit

      Audio:                   PCM Stereo Mix

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          The only part that doesn't make sense is the resolution, 720x608. PAL is 720x576, so I don't know what's up with that. But here's what you can do in Pr:




          And a file encoded from it has these specs:


          Complete name                    : C:\_OUTPUT_\test.mxf
          Format                           : MXF
          Format_Commercial_IfAny          : IMX 50
          Format profile                   : OP-1a
          Format settings                  : Closed / Complete
          File size                        : 44.2 MiB
          Duration                         : 5s 920ms
          Overall bit rate                 : 62.6 Mbps
          Encoded date                     : 2011-11-26 14:45:44.328
          Writing application              : Adobe Systems Incorporated Adobe Premiere Pro
          Writing library                  : Adobe Systems Incorporated Adobe Premiere Pro
          ID                               : 512
          Format                           : MPEG Video
          Format_Commercial_IfAny          : IMX 50
          Format version                   : Version 2
          Format profile                   : 4:2:2@Main
          Format settings, BVOP            : No
          Format settings, Matrix          : Default
          Format settings, GOP             : N=1
          Format_Settings_Wrapping         : Frame (D-10)
          Duration                         : 5s 920ms
          Bit rate                         : 47.8 Mbps
          Maximum bit rate                 : 50.0 Mbps
          Width                            : 720 pixels
          Height                           : 576 pixels
          Original height                  : 608 pixels
          Display aspect ratio             : 4:3
          Frame rate                       : 25.000 fps
          Standard                         : PAL
          Color space                      : YUV
          Chroma subsampling               : 4:2:2
          Bit depth                        : 8 bits
          Scan type                        : Interlaced
          Scan order                       : Top Field First
          Compression mode                 : Lossy
          Bits/(Pixel*Frame)               : 4.611
          Stream size                      : 33.7 MiB (76%)
          Delay_SDTI                       : 32840
          Color primaries                  : BT.470-2 System B, BT.470-2 System G
          Transfer characteristics         : BT.470-2 System B, BT.470-2 System G
          Matrix coefficients              : BT.470-2 System B, BT.470-2 System G
          ID                               : 768
          Format                           : PCM
          Format settings, Endianness      : Little
          Format_Settings_Wrapping         : Frame (D-10)
          Duration                         : 5s 920ms
          Bit rate mode                    : Constant
          Bit rate                         : 12.3 Mbps
          Channel(s)                       : 2 channels
          Sampling rate                    : 48.0 KHz
          Bit depth                        : 16 bits
          Stream size                      : 8.67 MiB (20%)
          Delay_SDTI                       : 32840
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            3rdRockCreation Level 1

            Thank you Colin. I'm a newbie to Adobe and this is the first time I need to prepare digital files for broadcaster. The specs were given to me by the broadcaster.  I only know I need to deliver the files in these specs to be opened by Edius. Only when I updated my APP, I found MXF Op1a format in the export settings. Is there anyway I can output 16:9 Full Height Anamorphic instead of PAL? Our default project size is actually 1280 x 720, I would like to output 16:9 Full Height Anamorphic instead of PAL.

            Thanks a million!

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Sure, you'd just need change the PAR (pixel aspect ratio) in the Aspect dropdown (you can see it in the image above). You can see it's on "D1/DV PAL (1.0940)," but you also have the option of "D1/DV PAL Widescreen 16:9 (1.4587)." In both cases, the dimensions are locked to 720x576 (so I don't know how well this will work if they require 720x608); it's just the PAR that changes.

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                3rdRockCreation Level 1

                Thanks again Colin, you've been a great help. Do you know if the .MXF files output from APP would be compatible with many other system? Apparently another post house sent the same broadcaster similar test file output from FCP but the file could not be opened by Edius. I'll update here once I get news from broadcaster. I will be stuck with no solution if they cannot open my test file.

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                  3rdRockCreation Level 1

                  Hi Colin,


                  The broadcaster have finally ok my video clip, output as what you have suggested in 4:3 LB. I am now stuck with the 2nd phase of the testing. The audio channels required are 4, (two mono & two stereo tracks). However, I think APP can only output audio in Mono, Stereo or 5.1. Do you know of any 3rd party codecs / softwares  or ways I can output the MXF file with 4 channels audio?



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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    Yes, you're a bit limited with Pr's implementation of multichannel audio export. Fortunately, there is a free--if a bit cerebral--option, and that's to use ffmbc - FFMedia Broadcast. This is a fork of the FFmpeg project that is geared towards broadcast use, and is capable of encoding, decoding, demuxing, and remuxing stuff like MXF. I can do some basic things with it (not really a command-line monkey myself!), so have a look and if you have any questions, let me know.


                    I'll think about how to generate what you need for submission. Can you explain the audio setup a little more? You say you need two mono channels and two stereo channels--are the stereo channels the same audio content as the mono? Are they all from the same sequence?

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                      3rdRockCreation Level 1

                      Yes, I did come across ffmbc during my research online. I've downloaded the 0.61 version, however, I am still not quite sure how it is used with Premire.


                      What I need to supply the broadcaster is an 11 minutes animated series (26 episodes all in) with:


                      channel 1: English Voice Over Full Mix Right Mono

                      channel 2: Malay Voice Over Full Mix Left Mono (FYI: BM is another language)

                      channel 3: M&E Mixed Stereo

                      channel 4: M&E Mixed Stereo


                      All channels have different contents, but all are for the same video sequence.

                      If you can help me out with a solution, would be great. My 1st submission is in about 10 days time.


                      Thanks a million!

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                        Colin Brougham Level 6

                        OK, cool. Let me experiment with it when I get a chance; I'm not 100% positive that the MXF support in ffmbc permits stereo tracks, but I'll see what I can come up with.


                        When you export from Pr, can you send out what you've labeled as Channel 1 and Channel 2 as discrete mono channels? You should be able to do this by panning each of those channels full right and full left, respectively. The M&E tracks would have to be disabled in that export, so they didn't make it into the mix, and then export those separately (Channel 3 and Channel 4, respectively) as stereo PCM audio (48kHz, 16-bit). Does that make sense?


                        Let me get in the lab and I'll see if I can figure something out

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                          3rdRockCreation Level 1

                          All my audio files comes from an Audio Post Production house. I gave them instruction to give me the specific files in mono L / Mono R, etc, so I believe there should be no need to pan it in APP. Anyway, you can only Pan the audio to fully left or right if it is a stereo track only.


                          When I tested it out in APP, I set up my time line to have 1st two audio tracks mono and next two stereo. Just import and put the respective audio files on the time line. After I output as mxf file, I reimport the mxf file back to APP to check the specs in the metadata window. There were only two mono tracks in the MXF file.


                          Client needs all the audio tracks wrapped with the video. Unless I can find a software or plug in that does this (free or paid), I will have to explore finding a post house that can do this for me. I'm keeping my finger cross on your research!

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                            Colin Brougham Level 6

                            Well, this isn't a good sign: when you Google search for "mxf with mono and stereo" this thread is the second hit!


                            The Wikipedia entry on MXF says this:

                            Furthermore, the currently popular MXF export tools (i.e. the ones that are free or cost the least) will not allow the user to create a stereo AES file within the MXF wrapper, nor will they allow the user to add free-text annotation to the MXF file so created (in order, for instance, that the next user of the file be able to interpret her intentions). Thus, an MXF file received & unwrapped may reveal SMPTE D10 compliant essence with eight mono AES audio components; the recipient has no way of knowing whether these components are multiple stereo pairs, 5.1 or serve some other purpose.


                            That's not encouraging, and in fact, my tests with ffmbc are bearing this out. I can pretty easily create an MXF file with 4 or more mono channels, but if you try to put stereo into an MXF container, it's automatically mapped as mono.


                            That said, it would be possible (assuming your broadcaster will accept it) to map your stereo tracks to split dual mono, so that it would look something like this:



                            INPUT CHANNEL
                            OUTPUT CHANNEL
                            Mono 1

                            Mono Channel 1

                            Mono 2Mono Channel 2
                            Stereo 3 Left ChannelMono Channel 3
                            Stereo 3 Right ChannelMono Channel 4
                            Stereo 4 Left ChannelMono Channel 5
                            Stereo 4 Right ChannelMono Channel 6
                            emptyMono Channel 7
                            emptyMono Channel 8


                            D-10 MXF needs 2, 4, or 8 channels, so you'd have a couple empty channels. The broadcaster would then need to know which are stereo pairs--that's Mono 3&4 and Mono 5&6 in the output file.


                            The reason I asked about panning was because I was originally thinking that Pr's MXF export created two mono channels; it does not, but creates one stereo channel. If you panned Mono 1 to the left and Mono 2 to the right, you'd keep the channels discrete on export; it actually works this way when going to a stereo channel, too. So, you'd actually need to split this channel when remuxing, which is pretty easy.


                            Now, there may be a paid solution that can do this with the stereo tracks, but I don't know what that might be. Let me know if you'd like to explore the above, however.

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                              3rdRockCreation Level 1

                              Thanks for your help Colin. The broadcaster is very sticky in what they want. Looks like I'll have to choose other options. I'll keep exploring though.


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                                Colin Brougham Level 6

                                Bummer. Well, you might try downloading Edius and seeing if it will let you export to multichannel MXF the way you need; there's a 30-day trial. Barring that, search out for MXF muxers and other creation tools. I would anticipate spending upwards of $1000 for such a thing (they're not cheap!). Or, as you suggested, perhaps check out to see if a post house already has these tools; I suspect that won't be quite as expensive, but still not cheap (particularly with the number of episodes you have to do).


                                Let us know what you discover!

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                                  zikade Level 2

                                  Maybe exporting 4 stereo channels might be the way to go? I'll have a look at how Avid does it ...

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                                    3rdRockCreation Level 1

                                    I found this:




                                    will test the trial version out.

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                                      3rdRockCreation Level 1

                                      Hi Colin, I managed to find a dubbing house to do the .MXF wrapping for all the episodes. However, we have encountered a flickering problem which I am not sure how to solve. Appreciate if you can contribute your input on this.


                                      I had to render out YUV 8 bit uncompressed Quick Time files for the dubbing house. I was advised by them to set the field dominance to "upper field".


                                      In my sequence settings, the field dominance is set to "None" which is progressive, and my output render setting, I set it to "upper field", as per instructed. I checked the output raw files after render, there were no flickering, re-import the file back to the timeline and checked, no flicker. But the dubbing house checked the metadata of my output files and reported back saying my field dominance is set to NONE, and it flickers in their FCP. Now I am not sure if I have made a mistake by not setting my sequence settings to upper field, but logically, shouldn't my output settings be the one that affects the output files only? Why does the flickering only occurs when the files are imported into FCP and not on my PC system? Could this be a cross platform issue?