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    background shows through the website

    beautiful artist

      I cannot remember how to make the whole page to have a white background (except where I have background images) and yet have a blue background outside of the page.  Here is my page-

      http://indianaeagleforum.org/index333.htm  If I make the background of the ".container" white (#FFF) that does not do it.  My body background color is #3366cc  If I change it to #FFF everything will be white, but I would like the page to be white with a blue background outside of the page.  I have already gone to Page Properties and made the background #FFF.  Should I be taking the height off the columns?  You will notice that the blue background is showing through the website just above the footer.  I am using CS4 on a Mac which uses Snow Leopard 10.6.8. The browser does not seem to matter but it is Firefox 8.0.1  What should I do?  Thanks so much.