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    Cant install downloaded PE10 on Win7 64 bit

    Ted Smith Level 3

      I downloaded PE10 (trial) OK on my Internet connected Xp Machine.


      But I want to run it on a Win7 64 bit machine that doesnt have any internet connection, virus detection on any gadgets or  "security" stuff that might slow it down.


      When I start the installation on the 64 bit machine, it says "this version of the installer does not support 64 bit and to insert Disk 2 " and "if not using disks, to download the 64 bit version."


      Does this mean there are 2 different versions of PE10? or 2 different installers?


      Nowhere in the download selection process is there the choice of selecting 2 versions of either installers or PE10's.


      The Help says PE10 will run on either.


      What is going on in Adobe land? Have I wasted 1.7gb of bandwith for nothing?