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    InDesign 5.0 tools/panels not activated with mouseover/mouseclick


      The following summarizes the hardware, software, procedures and results in my attempt to resolve issues with InDesign 5.0. Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!



      HP EliteBook 8540W

      Intel Core i7 CPU  Q820 @ 1.73GHz 1.73 GHz

      8 GB

      64-bit Operating System

      Pen Input Available

      Wacom Intuos4 pen and mouse


      Adobe Products:

      Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection, Version 5.0

      Acrobat 9.4.6



      The computer system control panel > program uninstall was used to clear all Adobe products except Acrobat, AIR, Flash Player and Media Player. The Adobe CS5 Cleaner Tool for Windows was installed and run at Clean All to remove all products and installer-related files for the Creative Suite 5.0.

      The Creative Suite 5.0 was re-installed on the HP cpu using the registered program discs.

      The Adobe 7_0_4 InDesign Patch-All was downloaded from Adobe and installed.



      Tools Panel: Selection Tool and Direct Selection Tool will not highlight with mouseover nor activate with mouseclick.


      Layers Panel: Can't click-on Layer Name to activate that Layer; individual Layer Names can't be double-clicked to rename; visability can't be toggled with mouseclick; the Create New Layer icon at bottom of panel can't be activated with a mouseclick; a New Layer can be created from the Panel upper dropdown menu; Panels location can be moved, panels opened/closed, and collapsed with mouseclick.


      Character Panel: None of the Character styling dropdowns within the panel can be activated; Character styling options can be activated from the upper right panel options triangle dropdown, and they can be activated from the Application Bar: Type > Font and Type > Size. In the Type > Font flyout panel displaying all fonts, the mouse wheel will not scroll through the fonts.


      Paragraph Panel: Can't click on paragraph alignment option icons.


      Links Panel: In Pre-flight, can't activate link list item with mouseclick.


      Stroke/Color/Swatch Panels: Can't activate any tools within these panels with mouse.