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    Weird Problem Moving Pages Around


      Okay, I'm completely flummoxed.


      I've got a 350+ page book, divided into 12 documents. This is a cookbook, so individual recipes are all either one or two pages each. I needed to reorganize the recipes--move some around within a document; others I needed to move from one document to another. Simple task, I thought.


      Inside the document, I moved pages using the drag-and-drop method from the Pages window. Everything looked okay. But when I tried moving a single two-page recipe from one document to another using the "move pages" feature, things got very strange. The pages I moved went to their new home all right. But when I tried deleting them from their original location, it scrambled all the pages I had just reordered. A few vanished completely. The pages I'd just tried to delete really just moved to a new, random location in the original document and didn't even stay together.


      I looked into the Story Editor, I discovered that as far as the Editor was concerned, the pages I had moved by dragging had not REALLY moved. They were still in their original locations. But they HAD moved in every other way--visually, pagination-wise, etc. I went back to a saved version and tried to delete the rogue recipe in the Editor. Same effect of scrambling the other pages. I tried deleting it one paragraph at a time, and discovered that the he recipe I'd tried to delete had a very tiny code at the end of each of the pages that proved to be the source of the trouble. Delete that code and chaos ensues. I cannot tell what the code is or does or if it is a bug or a feature or what.


      I'm sure I must have done something wrong when I set this whole thing up, but what the heck am I supposed to do now? Surely InDesign allows you to move pages around.


      Any ideas?