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    Make the width a vector graphic rectangular border equal when re-sizing its frame


      I'm using InDesign CS5 with Lion OS 10.7.2 on an iMac.


      I have an EPS graphic of a rectangular border that is the same width along the top, bottom, and sides.  I first place it in a document without re-sizing it.  I then change the size of the frame to the dimensions I want and select "Fit Content to Frame".  My problem with this option is that the width of the graphic border changes in the re-sized frame.  The vertical sides of the border are of equal width, but are a different width than the horizontal top and bottom parts of the border (but which are both of equal width).  If, instead, I select "Fill Frame Proprtionally" the border on the top and sides are the same width, but the bottom of the border disappears below the bottom of the graphic frame. 


      Is there a way, perhaps with a plugin, that would enable me to resize this type of graphic such that the borders are all visible and of equal width?