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    "Tearing''  ( lines in my screen)

    Zoop studio Level 1

      Now I use Canon AVCHD footage (1080p 25fps) and Nikon AVCHD footage files (1080p, 24fps). and with a little panning or movement shots my screen looks like there is a horizontal cut in the picture when played, not on each frame separate, one by one, only by playback.


      I see (googled it) its a common long lasting problem, but I never heard about it before (thougd it was my rubbish camera work)

      Try al old / new / beta Nvidia drivers vertical sync. on/off/ use 3d app, triple buffering etc.


      My videocard is a Nvidia GTS450 with 192 cuda cores ans 1 Gb gddr5 video memory on a 2600K 4.4Gz OC (mobo:Asus P8Z68 V pro), on the vidoecard 2 x 24'' screens: Iilama X2472HD and Asus V246

      Also the same problem on my old PC Q6600 with CS4 and a Nvidia GT 9600 videocard.


      Any suggestions? Thanks!