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    Moving an eBook (ADE) to an Iliad eReader - why won't it work?


      Recently, I purchased an eBook form a well-known provider for my Iliad. The book was only produced in two formats, one being ADE. I chose the ADE version after reading that I could seemlessly transfer the eBook to my Iliad, which is lsited on the ADE site as an eReader the software will work with. I opened the eBook in ADE, no issue there. Then I proceeded to try and decipher ADE's methodolgy of how to make the transfer from computer to Iliad. I gave up after about an hour over several days looking for the easy way to do this. Subseqently, I simply copy & pasted. But no go there. Since then, I unistalled, reinstalled, research for the manner in which ADE recognises my Iliad. Bit of a mystery so far. It is not the failure of the ADe on the computer that annoys me, it is the poor layout on the Adobe site that fails to simply explain processes or to put into place seemless transfer options.


      Any help will be appreciated!