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    Is there a script to adjust physical numbering?


      Hello. I think I saw one of these a long time ago and would like to locate it again, if possible. I have an index that was hand-compiled by an author for a book that had to be repaged. Each page number in the index has to increased by 2, which means I'd like to find a script (or advice on how to build one) that will add 2 to each page number in the index. It was a clean repaging, no reflow.


      It would be quicker at this point, the publisher feels, to do the updating mechanically instead of reindexing the book. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have Shirley Hopkins’ early AppleScripting InDesign book and Hanaan Rosenthal’s AppleScript guide, which I'm consulting, but I’m not sure my skills are quite mad enough yet.