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    PPBMCS6 Benchmark Developments

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      In contrast to a remark by Randall in another thread,


      PPBM5 is up-to-date and will remain so, at least till CS6 appears. See PPBM5 Benchmark


      However, development work on the new PPBM6 site has started as some of you have discovered. This site is under construction and not operational.



      It is not ready to be used and will give 404 errors when registering. So please, be patient.


      Bill and I still need to do a lot of work on this new site. A new timeline for the tests with new and more material is almost ready, but the instructions and the script need to be developed from scratch and we can't do that before CS6 is out.So our development work is currently directed to a registration and login system and a better and more reliable data submission workflow. If there are any experienced website builders out here, that like to volunteer their expertise and help us with the development of the new site, please send us a mail.


      Meanwhile, please refrain from registering on this new site for the moment. There are no data to see and the 404 error you see when you try it, also means that my mailbox gets rather full with 'site error' reports.


      I have already received 37 registrations, and while these records will not be deleted and will remain valid in the future (don't forget your password!) you can not accomplish anything at the current time.