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    video clips rotated 90 degrees


      I have still photos in photoshop elements, which are OK in the organiser, but when i drag them to the video project and the  video timeline in Premier they turn (rotate through 90degrees.

      I have never used adobe premier element, on in fact any of this kind of software before, and am using a free 30 trial version, what am i doing wrong, or have i got a malfunctioning version?

      Hope some out there can help me make sense of this programme before i have to pay  for it!!!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are your original photos rotated 90 degrees when you open them in Photoshop Elements? The Organizer is just a view, and may not actually reflect the original files.


          Also, you don't say, but you should not  use photos larger than 1000x750 pixels in size in a video project, per the FAQs to the right of this forum. Strange behavior can result from doing so.

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            villabbc1 Level 1

            Thanks for you reply, I can usually muddle my way around but am not particularly computer literate.

            I have no idea of the size of the photos, they are jpegs so i guess they are quite small file size, the uncompressed files will be about 10meg i guess.

            I use picasa and somehow they all show up in the organiser, i have no idea how they got there, i must have imported them somehow, but they are all orientated correctly, but as soon as i drag them to the video line they rotate.

            At the moment i dont have any video files to play with and wanted to try out the premier programme on the trial version, pre loaded in a new laptop i have just bought. But am getting nowhere fast.


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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


              Try selecting the images in Organizer then click Create à Slideshow


              Choose your settings e.g. 5 seconds, fade, 2 seconds and then click OK


              Your photos will open on the time line.


              Now click Output on the top menu and choose edit with Premiere elements.


              See if that makes any difference.



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                villabbc1 Level 1

                Thanks, yes the oriiginals are portrait, but in Picasa they are rotated to

                landscapes, So without checking i didnt realise.