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    close floating window in pdf




      I've been wondering if there's a way to personalize closing floating window in an interactive pdf. In InDesign (I'm working on CS5) I've placed a swf file in a form of a book with flipping pages and it opens in a separate window over the main document (which is exaclty what I wanted). I've however noticed that it's very hard to close this window - there's a minuscule little black cross at the top right corner, but hardly visible and difficult for "regular users" to find. Can I somehow change the interface of this floating window? If not, could anyone advise me on how to facilitate closing this floating window for my viewers?





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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There's no way to change the interface of a floating window in an interactive PDF since it's coming from Flash in Acrobat/Reader 9 or X. But you can right-click on the window and choose the command to close it.

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            elkalamar Level 1



            Did you ever find a solution to this?


            It would be nice if there was some functionality to have floating windows close automatically, once a sound/video file has played out, for example.


            Also I wondered if it's possible to to change the appearance of the floating window media player (to change colours, for example, which would be one way of making the little 'x' more obvious to users).