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    Monitor panel is 2 different colors

    DiamondBackMatt Level 1

      Hi I just installed PRE 10 and Photoshop 10 and I opened up my movie project that I was working with in PRE 9.

      I have noticed that sometimes when it first starts I see a screen in the project with a foreign language displayed then it disappears and my regular video shows up but the video in the monitor panel is 2 different colors.

      Split right down the middle one half orange the other green. I've also see purple and regular.

      I'm using Win7 64 on a new pc I built:

      Asus Rampage 3 Extreme MOBO

      Quad Core i7 950

      12Gb of Dominator 1867Mhz RAM

      2 ASUS EAH 5850 TOP/DIS in crossfire

      4 TB of WD Caviar Black hard drives

      2 23" HD Samsung SyncMaster XL2320 Monitors


      I have been running this system for about a year with no problems at all.

      I have also updated all the video drivers etc and the only place the video is messed up is the Monitor panel.

      Any ideas?


      THX! Matt

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The placeholder you see when you first open a project should disappear when the project has a chance to refresh its link to your files.


          Your color problems are probably related to an outdated or malfunctioning video driver.


          Although you don't say what kind of camcorder your video came from or which settings you used when you set up your project, so it could be related to that also.

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            VDOSurfer Level 3

            This colors going haywire is definitely an issue with the display drivers. I have had it in the past with Premiere Elements 8 and Intel 4 series chipset (Not recommended, I know now). The solution then was

            1. Uncheck "Use GPU for playback" - an option not available in PrE10

            2. Update the display driver

            3. Update the System BIOS (Don't ask!)

            4. Add a GPU that has a good driver available, I added an ATI Radeon HD 4850


            Options 2, 3 and 4 definitely hold good for you. You can also see what happens if the secondary monitor is unplugged. I have not seen this resolution in any of the earlier posts, but my theory says that if the display driver does not support multiple displays for DirectX or OpenGL, there will definitely be issues. Most drivers do, but your custom-made mega system might have other display related incompatibilities for PrE10.


            Adobe support is always there...

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              DiamondBackMatt Level 1

              Updating display driver didn't change anything. The only place the video

              was split was in the PRE 10 Monitor Panel, no where else. I burned a test

              disc and its ok on dvd playback and I think I may have fixed by

              uninstalling PRE 9. Still have to verify more footage when I get home

              though. But do appreciate your input.


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                DiamondBackMatt Level 1

                Thanks for the ideas.

                I checked this morning before work and the monitor panel is split on some video segments still.

                I will undo the crossfire config first and hook the monitors individually to the video cards and see what happens with that. Then I'll try just on monitor hooked up but I doubt thats the issue. I am thinking Quicktime settings/reinstall also.

                Will let you all know what happens.

                Hope you had a good ThanksGiving!

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                  I also have the ATI Radeon HD 4850 (512mb), but I am experiencing debilitating responsiveness and artifacting screen refreshing issues with "Desktop Composition" enabled and similarly annoying issues (but tolerable initially (though I fear they will get annoying as use it more)), as minimizing the app window and restoring refreshes the screen most of the time) with it disabled. (PRE 10)


                  Because the standard response I have been getting from the responders has been suggestions to update my video card drivers (which I already have).  I am interested to know your experiences (or anyone else who reads this) since you have the same card, and if you have Premiere Elements 10.


                  • Do you keep "Desktop Composition" enabled (read my original post link below to get more detail on that)? 
                  • When you move your timeline around, does it refresh smoothly?
                  • when you resize your timeline, and/or panels, do they leave duplicated artifacts?
                  • when you resize the application window (all panels docked)


                  I haven't had any issues with video playback.  The only issues I am having are with the GUI. And its frustrating to say the least, to have to see your clips refresh like someone is basting a turkey on the timeline, even with composition disabled. 


                  Currently, I have the following driver versions installed:


                  Driver Packaging Version8.911-111025a-128243C-ATI
                  Catalyst Version11.11
                  2D Driver Version8.01.01.1207

                  Direct3D Version7.14.10.0873
                  OpenGL Version6.14.10.11251
                  AMD VISION Engine Control Center Version2011.1025.2231.38573
                  AMD Audio Driver Version7.12.0.7702



                  Here is a link to my original post describing the issue further and the steps I took to alleviate it in more detail:




                  Thanks for taking the time!

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                    DiamondBackMatt Level 1

                    I will have to check the Desktop Composition when I get home. I am not

                    experiencing the other issues but I have 2 5850's with 1gb each. I swithed

                    off the crossfire config and connected the cards individually but didn't

                    get a chance to test before going to work.

                    Will check tomorrow morning and advise.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Ah, a Crossfire configuration.


                      Neither PrE, nor PrPro, can use Crossfire, nor SLI (nVidia cards), and having more than one card can cause all sorts of issues.


                      Crossfire and SLI are good for many 3D programs, plus gaming, but not so good for NLE/video editing w/ Adobe programs.


                      Good luck,



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                        VDOSurfer Level 3

                        This text is taken from a photoshop help article:


                        7. If you are using more than one video adapter, remove the additional cards.

                        Multiple video adapters can cause problems when OpenGL and Photoshop use the GPU. It's best to connect two (or more) monitors into one video adapter. If you have to use more than one video adapter, make sure that they are the same make and model. Also make sure that they both support the same versions of OpenGL and Shader Model. Otherwise, crashes and other problems can occur in Photoshop.

                        Note: Using two video adapters does not enhance Photoshop's performance.


                        I think it is the same for Premiere Elements and Premiere Pro. There is no documentation/communication/user forum post to suggest otherwise.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          You are correct, that multiple video cards can cause issues in PrE and PrPro. However, most of those issues arise from the configuration of the multiple video cards, i.e. Crossfire (ATI), or SLI (nVidia). In PrPro, it's fairly common to use multiple video cards, but NOT in Crossfire, or SLI, to use more display monitors. Again, in PrPro, the multiple cards do not cause many issues, so long as they are NOT in Crossfire, or SLI configurations. I do not know how well, or how poorly, PrE might handle multiple video cards, not in Crossifre, or SLI. I just do not recall reading of anyone doing that, but might have just missed it.


                          To the OP - good luck, and please update us, on how things go,



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                            DiamondBackMatt Level 1

                            Ok, I tested it this morning and all is well. I didn't see dual colors in

                            the monitor panel.

                            I was running the same make model vid cards in crossfire successfully in

                            PRE9. Then I installed PRE10 and it worked til I updated PRE10. So now it

                            all makes sense. I appreciate all your help guys. Merry Christmas! Time to

                            get back to work on my Alaska Movie,  yeah!

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                              DiamondBackMatt Level 1

                              Steve the camera is a Panasonic PVG-GS400 and the video is fine everywhere but the monitor panel.


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                                DiamondBackMatt Level 1

                                Thanks Bill!

                                I was right when I figured the split was associate with the crossfire.

                                But it had worked previously in 9. Only freaked after I installed 10 and updated.

                                So you are right also and I appreciate your assistance. The performance in all other aspects are great.

                                After I produces a few more sd movies I'll test out the hd performance.

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  Glad that things are better now.


                                  Good luck with that Alaska movie - happy editing!