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    Core DLL issue


      Please excuse me for this probable basic questions, but I have made several attmepts to fix prior to posting this.  I am unable to open any PDFs due to the error when I open "Acrobat failed to load its Core DLL", and I thought I was using Reader X to open them.  I have tried to uninstall both Reader and Acrobat, reboot, then reinstall to no avail, i get the same message.  I have also uninstalled, rebooted, re installed, restarted computer, no fix same error.  I have even tried the Control Panel-Programs-reader-change-repair still the same error message.


      Can someone please help.  I am using Vista 64 bit Home Premium.  The only extra info, I could advised was that I had recent issues with a new Garmin GPS and they (Garmin tech support) remotely access my computer to attempt to fis the problam, and then they referred me to Microsoft, who in turn also remotley accessed my compiuter to fix the "side by side configuration issue" which was not fixed by either.