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    Premiere Elements 10 64 bit GUI refresh slow


      Hello All,


      Before I start talking about the issue, I want to take this opportunity to thank Adobe for an amazingly feature rich Elements product pair.  Both Photoshop and Premiere Elements 10 are chalk full of unexpected features that can be useful for any body at a surprisingly reasonable price!


      Having said that, I sincerely hope that there is a solution to the behavior I am experiencing.  I am going to be calling technical support tomorrow to see what they have to say.  In the mean time, I wanted to post this in the forums, in case someone has already figured out a solution or if others are experiencing the same issue and have suggestions.  Here is my system spec:


      OS: Windows 7 64 bit

      CPU: AMD Quad core 3.0 GHz

      RAM: 8 GB

      Multiple Hard drives (including SSD) to split load of OS, Program files, virtual memory, Media cache files, and Preview files


      After searching on the Internets and the forums, I am experiencing a handicapping Premiere Elements GUI performance lag, that apparently, others have experienced in previous versions. The exact symptoms are, relatively speaking,

      • generally slow GUI response,  
      • annoying artifacts when panels are resized, at the point of resizing...sometimes these artifacts stay there until the Premiere window is minimized and restored.  For example the timeline will duplicate itself above itself when the panel is resized
      • choppy mouse pointer movement while a clip is being dragged on the timeline, sometimes causing irritating accurate clip placement
      • These symptoms are apparent, especially on the time-line where the clips refresh at a surprisingly slow rate, to the degree, that sometimes one is looking at the screen and tapping fingers while waiting for the clips to refresh on the time-line to the new position of movement.  And this is with one 3 minute movie file (1440x1080 m2ts) on the time-line with no effects or anything applied yet. 


      These symptoms occur when I have nothing else running in Windows (even disabled antivirus at one point), and no effects applied.  With other programs running Premiere GUI response slows down to a crawl.  It becomes unusable.  Fortunately there is a work around, though not for everyone.


      The work around from the internet is to disable a Windows 7 GUI feature called "Desktop Composition".  This work around is easily implemented as such:


      1. Right click on the Premiere Elements program shortcut.
      2. Click on properties
      3. Select the Compatibility tab
      4. And check "Disable Desktop composition" in the Settings group


      However, there is an exception to this work around.  It only reveals itself if you are using the 32 bit version on Windows 7 64 bit.  If you are using the 64 bit version of Premiere Elements then the Settings group options are grayed out.  In which case the only work around is to disable "Desktop Composition" as such:


      1. Right click on Computer icon
      2. Click on properties
      3. Click on Advanced system settings
      4. Select the Advanced tab
      5. Click on Settings button under Performance
      6. In the Visual Effects tab uncheck "Enable Desktop Composition"


      After disabling desktop composition this way, Premiere Elements 10 GUI response rate is acceptable (though still not up to par with other comparable or higher end programs like Premiere Pro.  I have seen Premiere Pro tutorial videos made on systems with half the resources of this computer and using the same file types of similar sizes  (on multiple tracks) and resolution with mouth watering response rates to dream for). 


      Unfortunately there are draw backs to the second work around, because you have to disable Desktop Composition in the Advanced System Settings, you are causing all the programs to suffer from the lack of this feature.  And, apart from Aero being disabled (which I miss using) for example, other programs that depend on this feature start to show discernible artifacts on the screen when their windows are moved around, and generally speaking the Windows 7 GUI takes a visible refresh rate hit, it seems to me.


      What I am hoping for is this:


      1. An update to improve this slow refresh rate with Desktop Composition enabled, since this feature is apparently crucial for a comfortable Aero GUI user experience which I have become attached to.
      2. If not, then at the least the ability to  disable “Desktop Composition" only for Premiere Elements. 
      3. If not, then at the very least some way to automatically disable desktop composition when Premiere Elements is started, and then when it is turned off, re-enable this feature seamlessly without user intervention. 


      Currently, I am having to manually go into Advanced System Properties every time before I start Premiere Elements and after I close it to disable and enable desktop composition.



      Thanks for your support!


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >Aero GUI user experience which I have become attached to


          The general advice I have seen is to turn Aero OFF since it is such a resource hog that it causes problems for many people


          Also, unless I missed it, I do not see any mention of your brand/model graphics adapter and the exact device driver you are using


          The symptoms you describe are SOMETIMES related to having an outdated video driver... especially with Win7

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            rdnelson Level 2

            I second oudated video drivers.  Please tell more about your graphics card setup.


            What are your Windows 7 experience index component scores?

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              nealeh Level 5

              Take a look at the third option in the following article: How to Enable or Disable Desktop Composition in Windows 7 and Vista.


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                hello543456543 Level 1

                Thanks all for your replies...


                For some reason my original adobe ID is not working.  I tried to login to the adobe forums several times since yesterday to answer your replies without success...I tried several browsers, different computers as well...it hangs on this address:


                https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/entitlement/index.cfm?e=ca&returnurl=http://forums.adobe.com /adobe_login&loc=en


                So I thought I would create a new ID and see if it works and it does, i am baffled, maybe something got corrupted with the old IDs long screen name or something, but I am the same person as PhotoPremElements10-iRLU64


                To address your reply

                • My experience with aero has been without problems.  I have a couple of netbooks (1.6GHz atom processor) and aero works smoothly, so my quad core has been delightfully working with aero, until Premiere Elements.
                • I have an AMD 4850 512MB video card with all the latest updates. 


                After having used Premiere Elements for a few more hours, I am beginning to find other annoying problems even with aero turned off:

                • artifacts on the screen when windows are undocked
                • I tried a video with several tracks, one video and a few title tracks, and the timeline response slowed down to a crawl
                • Task panel does not respect the the monitor's screen resolution.  When undocked from the My Project panel and Monitor panel, and maximized on my 1280x1024 LCD, the right half of the Task panel gets cropped off (for the lack of a better phrase) and the minimize, maximize/restore and close buttons are off the screen
                • Even though the pdf manual talks about docking windows, I found the docking functionality missing in my install.  The only three windows I can dock are the Task Panel, Monitor, and My Project, everything else is undockable
                • ...I could go on, but it seems I am hitting some sort of frustration threshhold with Premiere


                On the other hand, I spent an hour with Photoshop Elements, and it has been nothing but a delight.  The interface is tight, response is brisk, with or without aero.  I notice that Photoshop Elements also responds a lot better with tons of apps open at the same time.


                And now as I looked at other posts, it seems there is at least one other who has similar experiences with premiere elements.  I think one of them is using it on a Mac, and has the same slow responsiveness on the timeline panel.  At the least I am relieved that its not only me.


                I hope there is an update soon. 


                Thanks for your support!

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                  hello543456543 Level 1

                  Windows 7 Experience scores are 7.3 for everything except for the primary hard drive which is 5.9.  As I mentioned in my original post with my original ID, which I am not able to login with for some reason, I have several hard drives, so the load of the program files, cache files and virtual memory is split among them.  Hope that helped your concern.


                  Thanks for your support!

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                    hello543456543 Level 1

                    Thanks for your reply, but it doesn't seem to help me...I don't want to permanently disable or permanently enable desktop composition.  I want it to work with desktop composition enabled, and as a last resort, to have it enable/disable seamlessly, as currently I am manually enabling and disabling (I like aero and it does not give me any problems with any of my other programs in my workflow, even photoshop elements). 


                    Other issues have started to popup even with desktop composition disabled, as I have mentioned in my reply to John T Smith.


                    Thanks for your support!