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    keep getting message: "get flash player"

    mr watermelon

      Every one of my browsers have had flash player working (ie, firefox) without any problems. The problem started several days before November 24, 2011 after I turned on my computer and I got the usual "an update of adobe flash player is available...", so I installed the update and that's when the problems started. Now every time I shutdown and restart my computer, it's as if flash player was never installed. I have to reinstall it every time the computer starts up again. But everything runs fine when I have UAC (User Account Control) disabled in Vista. I've done plenty of searches on this problem and all of them recommend using the adobe flash uninstaller. I've tried everthing. And no, it's not an internet explorer problem. It seems a lot of people are having this problem and nobody has an intelligent answer so far.


      some info:

      • I'm running windows vista 32bit
      • internet explorer 9
      • firefox 3.5, and I don't plan on upgrading
      • I only use one windows account for everything, the administrator account
      • flash player works fine with UAC disabled, but I don't keep it permanently disabled just for the sake of having flash player working
      • with UAC enabled, I have to re-install flash player for it to work (after every computer restart)


      everything worked fine before that cursed flash player update. I'm getting really sick of dealing with this problem. Is there a way to return the settings to the way they were before the update?